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Do You Know Which Polling Place to Go to Vote?

Carol Birkemeier | Published on 2/7/2023

LTE from League Board member Carol Birkemeier 

For 10/25/22 edition


Dear Editor of the Brown County Democrat:


Do you know which polling place to go to vote? Do you want to see who is on the ballot this year? And more importantly, do you want to know more about each candidate and their position on important issues? I’ve seen questions on Facebook about where to find those answers and I wanted to share with you information that I have found very helpful. The League of Women Voters has developed a new website that can answer those questions for you, and more! The web address is and I can attest that it is very easy to use and very informative. To use, you just go to the website, enter your address and the candidates on your ballot are listed. There is a pull down tab where you can select your party preference but you will get more information if you select “all” as you can then see the candidates for school board. If you click on the candidate’s name, the site will take you to each position’s job description. The League submitted questions to every candidate regarding their position on important issues and you can read each candidate’s answers. As always, some candidates chose not to answer the questions, but many of our local candidates did offer thoughtful ins9ght. You can find state and local candidate information, and includes school board candidates. Please know that the League of Women Voters does not support or oppose any candidates, and is a non partisan organization.


The League of Women Voters of Brown County recently co-sponsor3ed candidate forums, and these forums were recorded and are now available via YouTube. You can find the recorded forums at and learn about our local candidates, and the very important Brown County Schools referendum that is on the ballot this fall.


Learn more about the candidates and exercise your right to vote! Early voting has started and election day is Tuesday November 8!